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What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream? In one word: unity. In the 1960’s, this country came to a breaking point of outgrowing its past. America was being forced into a racial and cultural paradigm shift, and Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the leaders of this movement. But what Americans often forget is that his dream was one of unity and equality for all this country’s peoples; black, white, and everyone in between. That’s what all the marches around the country are in honor of on his holiday; the largest of which is in San Antonio, Texas. One might think it’s odd that a largely Hispanic populated city would host the largest MLK march. Why not Baltimore, D.C., New York, New Orleans, or any other city with a large black population? But once you understand the truth of Dr. King’s dream, which is unity; then it makes complete sense. Unity has no location, or population, or racial makeup. Unity is all Americans. This is San Antonio’s MLK march. This is San Antonio’s continuing show of unity.
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