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“Persona”, a photographic art exhibition by seven photography students from a variety of backgrounds, art influences, ages, and photographic styles; is an exploration into the idea of persona from seven very different conceptualized points of view. Traditionally, persona is defined as an assumed identity or character. But identities and characters are not the same to everyone; therefore can be expressed and represented in a multitude of ways.

Kathie Garcia, a portrait/food photographer, chose to explore the idea of persona by photographically examining the persona of her faith in God through his love for her. Her work captures his greatness on a grand scale, out across the galaxy.

Stephanie R. Welch, a freelance photographer looked to her past as a child raised in rural America for subject matter for her exhibition. Her inspiration for what persona means to her are the people and places of her past, and how they helped mold and influence her into the person she is today.

Patricia Morris, a freelance photographer interpretation of persona involved producing images that depict the masks people use as personal facades to disguise their inner beings from the outside world and how those masks can be in direct contradiction to an individual’s true face and emotions.

Elizabeth James, a fine art photographer will take an approach to the interpretattion of persona that is a bit more personal to her, but easily relatable to other photographers and artists of increasingly obsolete techniques. She pays homage to photographer Hippolyte Bayard by photographing herself as a drowning woman in representation of the death of photography.

In “Extreme Persona”, Kevin Washington, a documentary photographer focuses his attention on the outward signs of persona by visually answering one question: What do you consider an extreme persona? Through his photography, he explores what many in society considers to be people with extreme outward looks (personas). Whether it’s extreme hair, tattoos, piercings, wardrobe, weight, makeup, etc, we are forced to reconsider that what we see as extreme may be relative to the person observing it, and not some general, unwritten societal rule.

Annette Tackitt, a food photographer takes us on a photographic journey by calling our attention to the persona of food. Through her visual exploration of food, Tackitt’s photo exhibit will let us see food as more than something that sustains us as living creatures. Although not alive at the time of consumption, Tackitt shows us through her rich images that food has the ability to take on a persona of its own.

Jayna Finucane, a conceptual portrait photographer looks to the bigger picture of persona. She narrates the story and meaning of persona through her portraits.
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