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Parts. Who am I? Who am I to a casual observer? Am I the complete sum of my parts or am I just a bunch of individual pieces that are unimportant on their own? Through black and white imagery, I going to take you on a journey around my body and ask such questions as: what does my hands say about me? Is my skin color alone the source of preconceptions and misconceptions? Do I have ugly feet? Do my tattoos tell the story of me I want them to or do they say something else entirely? Will I be perceived differently after this body of work is viewed?
Because of the high key lighting technique used, there is no element of abstractness or ambiguity to this body or work. My body parts appear clear, sharp, and full of texture as if they were detached as individual entities. Dark skin tones and high key lighting make for a good mix when viewing. The contrast between the high key white background and my dark skin will provide a good amount of separation as well as providing somewhat of a 3D effect, further isolating my body parts as individual pieces of an unknown puzzle.
Having shot this project in my home, while giving it an air of familiarity, also gave it a non-personal feel as well because there was no “model” to direct. How will this affect the overall collection as a cohesive body of work? Let’s find out.
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